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reference for  BAUwerk"We chose BAUwerk for two reasons: we wanted a design/build firm because we needed a design that would be integrated into a house that had been remodeled twice before. Our house (before remodel) had a tricky layout and some unusual construction challenges. A design/build firm could figure out more quickly what was feasible and what wasn't. The other reason we chose BAUwerk was because we got to tour three houses BAUwerk had remodeled. Although the styles weren't exactly the same as ours, we could see the care they took matching the remodel to the original houses and the high quality of their workmanship. Our expectations were definitely met. A few years have passed and we are still just as happy with our remodeled house." (Beth and Mark)

reference for  BAUwerk"BAUwerk recently renovated my kitchen and family room. I found their work to be excellent and their workmen to be very friendly, competent and especially neat. The next project will be the renovation of the master bathroom." (Mary Louise)

reference for  BAUwerk"We'd already spoken to four other architects before we met Volker and decided to hire him and his company, Bauwerk, to do our remodeling project. We chose him because he had vision and incredibly good taste. It was great to work with Volker and his partner, Kai - they were creative, knowledgable, efficient, honest, and on-time! They helped us with every aspect of the project, even shopping with us or talking to our neighbors when necessary, and they were very detail-oriented. When we had to make changes to the design, they made it happen easily because they work so well together. We actually had fun! Now that the project is complete, we love the space. Strangers actually stop us in our driveway and tell us how beautiful the house looks, even from the outside. Our friends who come to our house are amazed by the results and thinks that the workmanship is outstanding. We could not recommend Bauwerk more highly." (Jill and Don)

reference for  BAUwerk"We, our two young children, Volker, Kai and their staff lived through an extensive remodel over the course of 14 months that touched every room in our home and we're still speaking to each other!
This is a testiment to BAUwerk professionalism, quality workmanship and sensitivity to our needs. As the project moved forward, it became clear that things would be done "the right way," as Volker and Kai held their work to a high standard.
Certainly, this is a work ethic that every homeowner wants to be assured of. The final product has received rave reviews!
Would we work on another project with them? You bet! (David, Lisa, Gabby & Matty Pascual-Mead)

reference for  BAUwerk"Our relationship with Volker goes back to 1992, when we were the recipients of his expert advice about the condition of the foundations on the home we were looking to buy. Our architect friends down the block recommended him. Less than a year after we bought the house, we engaged him to replace a section of the foundation, along with some associated drainage work. It was a pleasure to work with Volker, Kai, and crew. The work was efficiently handled, and expertly finished, on time and under budget.
So naturally we would not have considered working with anybody else when it came time to do our major remodel. We thought we knew what we wanted to do to the house, but in retrospect we did not in fact have much of a clue. Volker took some measurements, did some sketches, and a while later presented us with a plan that made so much more sense than our hazy concept—it really was superior to what we ever could have come up with on our own.
One of the things we like best about Volker is that he was very direct with us about what made sense and what didn’t—in terms of use of space, materials, design, style, and the costs/benefits of aspects of the project. It makes a lot of sense to have your project built by the designer, and to let him take a strong hand in deciding what to do (especially in the things you’re not sure about). That takes a lot of stress out of the process for the owners, and makes the project so much more enjoyable for the designer/builders, which of course also benefits the owners in many ways. They of course accommodated our preferences, but we were very comfortable relying on their judgment on almost everything.
Volker and Kai are expert craftsmen, with high standards, and pay impeccable attention to every detail of their projects. They will only work with the finest, most responsible subcontractors and crew. They run a tight ship, and their jobsites are kept orderly (I have visited several jobs of theirs in progress). In their hands, our remodeling experience was a pleasure. And of course, the house came out pretty good too." (Audrey, Monte, Isabel and Annie Merritt)

reference for  BAUwerk"It was just terrific working with BAUwerk. Your expertise and experience as well as your sensibilities and attention to detail make all the difference in the world.
BAUwerk has a good crew and, it is so clear that you take great care to train them to your high standards." (Judith)

reference for  BAUwerk"BAUwerk transformed our house beautifully-- on time and on budget. From project design through the construction phase you really helped us make the most of our space. We could not be happier." (Ronnie and Stuart)

reference for  BAUwerk"We had BAUwerk as our Designer in addition to being our Contractor. This eliminated any potential for misunderstandings throughout the design and construction phases. It worked out extremely well.
Volker Flache's computerized design drawings were very detailed and illuminated potential for clarity and excellence. Volker and Kai Flache had vision and could clearly communicate to us - verbally and with drawings - how things would look after construction. In the end, they were able to create openness, light, color and style into our previously drab and boxy house. We are delighted with the final results.
We were able to uphold a constructive dialog for every aspect of the design and construction. Although we were very clear about what we wanted, Volker and Kai were open about their thoughts and often presented options in which we shifted our views and were all ultimately satisfied. We feel we got an outstanding final product because of the feedback and continual consideration of ideas and design elements.
The attention to detail throughout this project was remarkable. The detail can be seen particularly in the areas where major changes of the house came together in a very good style. For example, the way the spiral stair meets the three floors, the way the layout of the kitchen works, the complicated aspects that we wanted in our master bathroom, and even in the way a new stairway to our basement was crafted were all excellent.
The craftsmanship, creativity and care both in construction and in cost savings, were superb. We became friends with the Flaches during our remodel, a friendship that we value." (James, Yvonne, Faye, and Claire)

reference for  BAUwerk"BAUwerk and its crew have done two separate jobs for us--initially they replaced our foundation and put structural steel beams in for earthquake reinforcement. Then we had them remove and rebuild the upstairs back of our 1907 house, while we lived in it. Both jobs were done with great care, precision, foresight, and with perfect craftsmanship.
Volker Flache worked with us on the design until we were all happy. Then Kai Flache and carpenters did their expert work.
The new rooms blend in well with the old, and, at the same time, are stunning, light filled, and are our favorite places to be. It was a pleasure to work with them, and we enjoy the results every day. If I needed more work done in the future, next time I would not even bother asking for other opinions." (Aram and Debra)

reference for  BAUwerk"All our friends and neighbors told us we would look back on our house remodeling project as one of the worst times of our lives. Actually, it turned out to be a fun and exiting time. We could hardly wait to come home every day to see how Volker Flache's and Kai Flache's incredible design and work were unfolding before our eyes.
Using a design/build team was a major reason the project was completed on time and on budget. They were quickly and easily able to resolve the 101 little issues that arose during this renovation project.
But the best part is that we have a fabulous new home that suits our family and life style." (Joanne and Bob)

reference for  BAUwerk"We are very satisfied customer. BAUwerk provides superb old world craftsmanship and fine quality work, is highly reliable, and their workers are neat and orderly with no mess left for others to clean.
The workmen are outstanding artisans who make sure that everything fits properly and operates effectively. We will be happy to give outstanding and excellent references." (Rex and Stanley)

reference for  BAUwerk"Remodeling projects involve many adjustments and inconveniences in your usual living patterns, so it is essential that you find a designer-contractor and crew who not only are good at what they do but that you can trust to have your interest at heart and who take pride in their work.
I consider it my very good fortune to have found in BAUwerk, a group of people who not only gave me a work of art at completion but made the process not only tolerable but high enjoyable and full of wonderful surprises as I watched the work progress to completion." (Kathryn)

reference for  BAUwerk"A BAUwerk original! The sense of color and space gives our house a warmth that permeates into all aspects of our lives! We love our home." (Philip)

reference for  BAUwerk"Recently we had BAUwerk do our major house remodeling project. After five years of bending almost half way to do our laundry, not to mention working out in a moldy and smelly basement, we have a wonderful new basement/lower floor thanks to you and your crew.
From the beginning, your team showed professionalism, care and creative imagination to engineer and construct our vision for our lower floor. The design process was very satisfying and your determination to figure out some complicated design elements was commendable.
In regards to the construction part of the project, your crew was cognizant of our personal needs including the demanding care of our pets. They took care to clean up the work area on a daily basis. They also went the extra mile after the project was complete in repairing areas of our home that suffered minor damage due to the temporary raising of the house off of its foundation.
The design aspects and construction details of additional modifications to benefit the house such as our new electric box and front porch deck were handled extremely well.
We are thoroughly enjoying our new space and thank your for such a great job. We will not hesitate to call on your firm again for future home improvements." (Harry and Andrew)

reference for  BAUwerk"We love our kitchen on which you have done such excellent work." (Dagmar and John)

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